Shamus is a Congo African Grey Parrot.

He lives here at Mountain Eyeworks and loves the constant attention that comes from the flow of people in the office throughout the day. He can imitate practically anything, including human voices, but he particularly likes doing sound effects (the louder and more high-pitched, the better). He is also quite fond of whistling. African grey parrots are astoundingly intelligent. Their cognitive abilities are similar to those of a human toddler. Shamus can associate certain words and phrases with particular meanings. For example, he knows to say “Good morning” when people enter the store early in the day, and “See you later” at night. You might even catch him asking, “Want a beer?”

Shamus turned 40 years old this year. African grey parrots have average lifespans of 50-60 years in captivity.

Shamus loves visitors, so next time you’re in the area, stop in to say “hi!”